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Food Banks - Food Pantries and Free Meal Programs

www.These-Hard-Times.comby Roger Chartier:

If you find yourself starving and desperate you might ask
the police for some help locating a Free Meal Program.

Food pantries are a wonderful thing for those in need.

Someone can go in and get packaged or canned food, and occasionally fresh food that they can cook at home to feed their families and themselves.

Free meal programs are available for anyone who is hungry.

Homeless folks can't cook a meal very easily, so this is salvation for them.  

Every major city has a program somewhere.

Illegal aliens are welcome at food pantries and "free meal" programs.
Your immigration status is not an issue.

There are civic and church related food - hunger relief charities.

Try these helpful links below.

Search these terms below

Red Cross Food Pantry + the city you are in.

St. Vincent De Paul + the city you are in.