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Good Quality Food That Is Cheap

by Roger Chartier:
  • Vegetable soup made with a lentil base.- add rice or potatoes or most any kind of leftovers. Add meat if you like. Boiling the bones of meat after you have de-boned your meats can add flavor and nutrients to your soup. Stone soup started with a stone and folks added whatever they could bring.

  • Dried beans are full of fiber and vitamins - very nutritious you save money of a bag of dried beans rather than cooked ones and you can add them to a lot of things.

  • Dented canned goods are often on sale, as long as they are only dented in and not expanded which is a sign of contamination.

  • Day old bread. Some bakeries will throw out or sell their day old baked goods at a deep discount.

  • Use left over bread, mixed into soup to stretch a meal

  • Get cheap cuts of meat and take off the fat and de-bone it - tough cuts of meat can be cut into very small pieces and are comfortable to eat without having to chew too much.

  • Grocery stores have coupons so use those combined with nutritious food and don't waste money on white bread, potato chips, cigarettes, soda, bottled water, frozen prepared meals, top shelf cuts of meat, alcohol, etc. you get the idea.

  • Brown Rice has more vitamins and minerals than white and sells for less than $2 for a one pound package. It cooks up to feed 8-10 people as a side on the plate. Added to soup, again better than white rice.

  • Avoid bleached flour. Go for the whole wheat or multi-grain bread and pasta.

  • Oats - some people like the slow cook kind but either is fine..
    This is a remarkably economical way to make a truly hearty breakfast.
    A box cost a very little and will last a long time.

  • In the larger grocery stores, look for the house brand for everything, to see how much cheaper it is.

  • Buy vegetables that are ready to be thrown out on sale and eat them soon. Farm stands and small markets will be easier to deal with as far as getting any discounted produce that is a bit too old to sell at full price.

  • Bananas - about 20 - 25 cents apiece and they have significant vitamins and minerals.

  • Eggs - about a dollar a half dozen - it is remarkable how varied the price is for eggs. Look for the cheapest. They are still eggs.

  • Nuts - Walnuts and peanuts in the shell are cheaper and good for you

  • Apples - In the bag, they are cheaper and an apple a day keeps the doctor away - maybe.

  • Cornmeal - Make cornmeal mush or cornmeal bread - Yummy!

  • Peanut Butter - When it's on sale buy a lot because it can last for a long time.

  • Store brand of milk

  • Liver, hearts and kidneys - hold your nose if you want to but it is extremely nutritious and cheap.

  • Yams and sweet potatoes - much healthier than regular white potatoes and cheap.

Some thoughts

  • Community gardens are a wonderful place to get involved with, and to grow food for yourself and others.
  • Learn to cook recipes from other cultures that know how to stretch the money.
  • When a store has a sale on items that have a long shelf life you should stock up.
  • If you have a freezer, make sure to buy bread etc.when it is on sale and keep it frozen It will last a long time.