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Health Insurance For Poor and Middle Class

woman in hospiotal bed - www.These-Hard-Times.comby Roger Chartier:

47 million Americans have no health care coverage!
Let's change that.
We need affordable healthcare.

People are dying and for nothing other than a lack of health insurance.
Knowing that you can't afford to pay for medication or an office visit can be daunting, and most people will opt to let nature take it's course with diseases both diagnosed and undiagnosed.

Many end up in an early grave. Don't be a statistic. When you vote, remember that people's lives depend on affordable healthcare.

Your vote for a politician who supports healthcare is a matter of life and death for many and possibly yourself.

Poor people with healthcare are more able to maintain an income are more productive and feel happier. They can maintain a job easier, and therefore, are less likely to commit a crime... possibly against you.


Disabled people or blind people as well as pregnant women and children under 19 and seniors over 65 can apply for Medicaid. You do have to meet some income guidelines to be eligible.


This is the American program for health insurance for people over 65. Certain people under 65 with a disability or disabilties can also apply. Read more ...

Non-Governmental Health Insurance Companies

There are insurance companies that offer a variety of insurance plans with higher deductibles or limited coverage with higher co-pays that are affordable.

Chldren's Health Insurance Program - CHIP State Program

Chip - Children's Medicaid
Coverage can be $50 a year for your kids or nothing depending on your income.

Commonwealth Care - Massachusetts

Civilized countries have health insurance available to everyone.

As of 2011 Massachusetts is the only state to do so. If you are a Massachusetts resident you can apply and pay for this subsidized health insurance according to your income, up to a certain limit, where you are expected to be able to afford your own health insurance.

 With Commonwealth Care, you can choose from a few health plans and choose your doctor.
You can learn everything you need to know about it  at the website www.mahealthconnector.org