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Live In A Motorhome!

by Roger Chartier:

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Above the motor coach of Roger N Chartier formerly the motorhome of Gerald R. Audette.
I, Roger lived for 2 months in a 27 foot motor home and loved it. So I write from experience here.
There are pros and cons to living in a motor home. If you have school age kids, it can be more of a problem.

I met a Canadian couple and their two daughters who traveled the whole USA.
The girls were home schooled (motor home schooled). They were both remarkable and bright little girls.
If you are single or an adult couple it is easier.

Where to park?

Staying around your local home turf.
Some folks park right in the yard of a family member or a friend or on business property belonging to an acquaintance etc. You have to get creative.

The folks that have it easiest for parking are the smaller motor homes that can fit into a regular parking space or are not so obviously camping out. The bigger the motor home, the more difficult to park on the street somewhere.

Traveling: Avoid out of the way rest stops or places where you are alone at night.

Some Walmarts welcome motor homes for an overnight. Call ahead or check with the greeter inside.
Review this list before you bother to drive there www.allstays.com/c/walmart-locations-noparking.htm

The problems are that people have abused the lots and that the local ordinances prohibit overnight camping in lots. Reports are that Florida's Walmarts are getting tougher, and many are on the no overnight list.
If they let you, you will have to park in the designated area.

Flying J Truck, AmBest truck stops and Union 76 stops welcome RVers. Camping World Stores might be amenable to overnight stays.

A good spot is the restaurant gas stops on major highways.

They are all pretty much the same, gas - diesel and a few fast food joints and maybe a gift shop. You'll notice tractor trailers lined up in the section for parking big rigs.
Sleep overnight ..it's fine.

For full service hookups, I genuinely like KOA, and with the membership you save money on every stay and other things, as well. 

National Parks and State Parks have campgrounds that range from free to around $10.00 per night.

This video is an example of an early retirement possiblity.

I have gone to a nice restaurant with its own large parking lot and after an enjoyable meal and a few cocktails at the bar asked the manager if he'd mind if I stayed there till morning as I had a few to drink and felt safer not driving.
It works for me when I try it, but be super polite.

Fraternal Lodges:
You must be a member. Some have RV sites and others will let members park in the parking lot out of the way.
I have heard that some Elks lodges sometimes charge a small fee for the sites.
My Moose Lodge accommodated a family in their motor home for 2 weeks.
I have to say this site is a good resource www.FreeCampsites.net