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Subsidized Public Housing

by Roger Chartier:

The homeless population in USA will increase by one and a half million by 2013.

Public housing can offer rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Some housing is a single family although most are multi-unit buildings. In the USA over a million families are living in public housing.

Housing agencies get federal funding from HUD - The US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
There is a screening process and not just anyone can get into the program. This attempts to keep the housing a safe environment in which to live.

Although some known criminals and drug dealers live well in this type of housing, it is usually in an apartment rented in the name of another person.

To apply go to HUD.gov for the information.

There are also special provisions for some Native Americans.

Voucher Subsidy

Atlanta Georgia the first city to have public housing in 1936 has resorted to knocking many of these down and offering voucher subsidies to the former residents.
This allows them to rent elsewhere and eliminates the concentration of poverty in one place.
Good or Bad? It's controversial.

Housing Choice Vouchers
Again  this program is administered by HUD for the same disenfranchised group of Americans, the poor, disabled and elderly. This allows people to get a housing voucher to find a suitable housing unit. The government Public Housing Authority pays the landlord directly. In some cases, a remarkably modest home can be financed and purchased this way!